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2 min readMay 6, 2021

Lotucrypto had the initial coin offering of Lotucoin on the 30th of April 2021! This is exciting news for crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

The ICO of the coin has been anticipated since March 2021, when the coin was initially launched. Many crypto enthusiasts were excited to be able to finally trade it through the Lotucrypto exchange. In March, the pre-sale for the coin was conducted, and it was an outstanding success!

On Sunday, 2nd May, the first public Lotucrypto’s event was held in partnership with AYlive show, the event celebrated the successful ICO of Lotucoin. Otu, Andiong (the CEO of Lotucrypto) is a dynamic leader and a serial entrepreneur who believes tech is the future. Together with his committed team of programmers and crypto experts, they have set viable strategic milestones for the next two years.

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As a result of centralization, delayed transactions are quite common with traditional banking systems. Businesses can benefit significantly from Lotucoin because it makes use of the Binance innovative chain, which guarantees seamless, secure and swift transactions for businesses. Businesses can also give coupons and discounts to customers with the token; this will lead to increased sales for them. The adoption of Lotucoin has no downsides for businesses, only benefits.

There are over a thousand cryptocurrencies on the market today, but just a few of them stand out. The ones that do so is simply because they have actual use cases. Lotucoin has many use cases, they include paying for fees on the Lotucrypto exchange, paying for goods and services purchased from merchants, making in-app purchases on gaming apps, and the coin can be used to participate in future cryptocurrency projects launched on the exchange.

Asset appreciation is the reason a lot of people invest in crypto assets. This is an excellent reason to invest in Lotucoin as it has actual use cases and a revenue generation model. Investing in viable crypto projects has resulted in resounding profits for thousands of people. Early investors make more profits because they invested in the projects early enough. Purchasing Lotucoin is a life-changing decision that crypto enthusiasts and investors must make. Your financial future is predetermined by the financial choices you make today!




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