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Owing to the meteoric increase in the price of Bitcoin over the last year, cryptocurrencies have gotten a ton of publicity. A wise man once said, “Look before you leap” that is a true saying. It is absolute wisdom to audit before committing your money to any investment. With the increasing numbers of crypto coins hitting the crypto market on a daily bases, the question of authenticity and future prospects of these coin will always arise. You definitely want to have a level of certainty and trust in whatever business model or opportunity you are investing in. So is Lotucoin scam? I am certain that by the end of this article you will find the answer, we have carefully done a research showing why some coin fail comparing such with the Lotucrypto system. Following the success of some known crypto coins, individuals and firms have seen the opportunities that exist in such an idea but only few have sustain the discipline to maintain equilibrium and finally emerging as successful coins.

Why does crypto coin fail?

Most of the time a new coin hits the market with great promises but turn out to fail, and as s such people refer to it as being a scam because investors lost their money. The Lotucrypto team, developer of the Lotucoin has taken months of research in studying the reasons some of these coins have failed, with this knowledge gathered, they have build a system that can withstand market turbulence and a system where investors can invest safely. The research showing some of the reason this coin fails is listed below:

Uncapped Fundraising Goal

ICOs are typically developed with the intention of raising a certain sum of money to finance and launch a project. This target would be mentioned in a legitimate company’s white paper or on their website. If an ICO is introduced without a clear funding target, this may indicate that the ICO’s goal isn’t valid and that it’s being used to defraud investors. The Lotucrypto team supplies sufficient information on this in the Lotucoin white paper.

Element of Multi level structure

If an ICO has a system of several levels that allows people to bring in new investors for reward, it’s possible that this is a pyramid or Ponzi scheme. Evidence of such a system should be a direct warning not to invest. The Lotucoin is not built on multiple level marketing systems. Investors come in willingly.

No Clear Roadmap

The Lotucoin White paper resents a clear road map about the activities and future prospects of the coin. It also contains its long term goals

Weak or no website or White Paper

The Lotucoin has a clearly articulated White paper and website where there is proper documentation of information one may one to ask, also there is a team where investors can communicate to directly.
The Lotucoin is a fertile ground for investors to do business there is no element of fraud associated with it. The Lotucrypto team is working tirelessly to bring the best experience to their investors. The Lotucoin is built on binance smartchain. Its total circulation is 50,000000 LOT. This means that Lotucoin cannot be created again just like Bitcoin the coin sold about 4000USD in just 6 hours of its presale. The Coin is currently in the ICO stage and it is doing very well. Yes, why there is a lot of uncertainty about cryptocurrencies generally it’s incorrect of Lotucoin to be labeled as a scam, people are correct to try to give a warning about the tenuous nature of such investments in virtual currencies which have uncertainties; it does not qualify Lotucoin as scam.

See our white party: https://link.medium.com/5RvRrFCt2fb



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