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by the Lotucrypto Team

Despite the argument on whether cryptocurrencies can become part of the mainstream financial system, the world day to day exchange traded volume of Bitcoin averaged over USD I billion in 2016. This result indicates ample liquidity (Barniske, 2017). According to research the price of Bitcoin does not fluctuate in the same direction as the stock market, but is indicated basically by low returns correlations. Some people may debate that the number of Bitcoin to be generated is capped at 21 million, potentially limiting supply in the future. It is important we bear in mind that there are numerous promising alternate coin e.g. Lotucoin in the market. It shows then that crypto-currencies can be a good alternative investment, when it comes to bringing diversification to mainstream assets (Hardle, 2017).

Crypto currency valuation

How are crypto currencies valuated? One may be curious about knowing how crypto-currencies are valuated. The valuation of crypto-currencies is somewhat different by comparison to traditional stock or financial instruments. Many crypto-currencies like Lotucoin have a fixed supply, so the valuation of regular currencies which has unlimited supply cannot be used. Instead of the regular equities or bonds, digital currencies does not generate cash flow, making the discounted cash flow valuation inapplicable, crypto-currency tokens are given (the Lotucrypto gives the Lotucoin (LOT) to their investors) to investors as a proof of payment, future exchange and also the right to participate or buy, base on the future crypt-currency benefits. The network effect of crypto currencies may be a crucial factor in its valuation for the associated technology and perceived value of the crypto currency by the public.

The alt-coin market

With the availability of Bitcoin source code, (the most successful crypto currency) coders all over the world have been enlightened, and have been able to build hundreds of crypto-currencies which are referred to a alternate crypto-currencies or alt coins for short. No crypto coin is perfect not even Bitcoin, therefore, every new lapse in a particular coin is an avenue to invent a new coin. The Lotucrypto for instances manages to strikes the balance between traditional fiat money users and crypto currencies users with juicy incentive upon usage so also does every coin invented into the market. Every coin invented is solving a problem the previous created or failed to solve, such as
To increase the block size
To increase the number of transaction per second
To ensure that the ledger is not open an transparent
To accommodate more efficient use of smart contract etc as observed by (David et al, 2018).
To pay for development and launch exposes developers use the medium of (ICOs) initial coin offerings to find the projects. ICOs allow people to invest in a new coin by buying part of its crypto-tokens or prelaunch ERC20- compliant TOKENS residing on the Etherum network or any other, in advance. This is typically based on a white paper or other documents on the project for investors to evaluate.
The Lotucoin specifically built for merchants is built on binance smartchain. Its total circulation is 50,000000 LOT. This means that Lotucoin cannot be created again just like Bitcoin the coin sold about 4000USD in just 6 hours of its presale. The Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) of the Lotucoin commenced on Friday the 30th of April at 12:00 pm UTC, and end when all tokens are sold or minimum sale amount is reached. The project procedure is well articulated in the Lotucoin white paper
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