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Lotucrypto: A New Investment Opportunity

Between 2008 and the present moment new crypto currencies have been created the invention/creation of Bitcoin is a break through to the crypto-world given rise to new possibilities and diversification in ways and technology of financial exchange. This new crypto coins uses similar technology, but are way different in designs and the method by which they solve the problems of exchange. Most of these coins addresses the pain point or complements existing coins. According to coinMarketcap up to 869 crypto currencies are recognized and trading all along the world. These numbers put together gives a market capitalization of USD 148.3 billion by circulating supply and U& 321 billion by total supply and USD 321.5 billion by total supply as October 6, 2017.

Crypto-currency is the most secure form of digital money. It is proposed that crypto currencies will be the new stock market of the future, crypto-currency is the future of money and guest what, it is just beginning cryptocurrience (like lotucoin) presents a new opportunities for investment while different school of thoughts might want to argue about the intrinsic value cryptocurrencies have of not have, we have seen Bitcoin and other coins excelling. There is no telling to what a small opportunity present. Every coin hitting the market has great potential to succeed, especially with the handwork of the team and total dedication to the project.

Cryptocurrency is one of the classes of digital currency. The traditional currencies are associated with many exchange and transaction related setbacks. Crypto currencies in many ways have eliminated some of these challenges. The technology used by crypto currency such as Lotucoin works like ledger that record transactions. This gives solution to double-spending and there is no need to involve a trusted third party. Let’s delve into the investment opportunities there are in Cryptocurrencies. It is basic that every investor in crypto currency dealings understand and digest the return risk structure before any commitment whatsoever, results from previous studies has shown a very low correlation between crypto-currency index and traditional assets based on historical data, this results explains that crypto currency is a good diversifier in traditional port folio. Crypto currency does not only expand the advantages of financial exchange technology but is capable of supplying additional utility inventors.

Characteristic cryptocurrencies (Lotucoin or any other Crypto)

Decentralized: crypto coin or token are traded digitally they can be used for the purchase of items in electronic format. These coins are decentralized meaning that there are no institutional monitoring protocols or any third party interference. Its availability is governed by machine or algorithms making it accessible through the internet. This beats the competitive advantage of any fiat currency.

Flexibility: Lotucoin wallet like any other crypto coin eg Bitcoin or address can be set up online without any charges or centralized regulations. Transaction can be done effoertlessly, this is a major feat in crypto-transactions Lotucoin can be transferred among different country effortless.

Speed and accuracy: Transactions are fast, within few seconds and between 5 to 15minutes transaction are verified. This makes the transaction effortless and accurate, because there is no mistake or whatsoever due to their party interference.
Another big feat of crypto-coin like Lotucoin is the low transaction... Historically, no transaction change may be required, but the owner can decide to pay extra to facilitate a faster transaction.

Crypto-currency is a good option to help diversity portfolio risks because the correlation between traditional or regular assets and crypto-currencies are regularly low and the average daily return of most crypto currencies is way higher than that of traditional investment. Lotucoin prensent a promising investment opportunity for all crypto investors and enthusiasts. This project is managed by a team of relentless and crypto-currency experts. Visit the Lotucrypto world and learn more about the project and its ICO.

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