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Why should a network create its own token rather than accept payments in fiat currency? This fundamental issue has cast a long shadow about current political debates over how to control token markets, and it is at the heart of most of the ICO theory papers that have been published. Proponents of ICOs claim that blockchains with native tokens allow for the disintermediation of centralized Internet marketplaces like social media. One of the advantages of ICOs is that they permit a venture to raise financing from future users, similar to the pre-sale of goods via crowdfunding. This contrasts with conventional equity, where investors have claims on future cash flows and are generally distinct from intended customers. Raising capital from customers could potentially redistribute network growth gains from financial intermediaries such as VCs to developers and consumers. It also helps to promote the brand among consumers and provide the issuer with an early signal about demand .The managers' leverage over the platform allows them to extract a substantial share of the platform’s economic surplus on behalf of the equity investors, who are mostly often the managers, in these companies with conventional equity-debt capital structures. The centralized power and opacity of these sites also raises questions about their use of transacting party data, a privilege that has sparked high-profile political hearings and legislative reforms.
Any business that has a global bearing and international prospect should accept come to accept cryptocurrencies. While the Lotucrypto app can manage both currencies when it comes to business transactions, it is critical that every business owner thinking growth beyond the shores of its territory think and adopt crypto. Some of the benefits of cryptocurrencies are discussed below.
There are 7.6 billion potential buyers on the planet, but there have been a range of impediments for small companies to overcome. In certain situations, the costs of reaching out to consumers across borders are prohibitively high; estimating exchange fees and dealing with currency fluctuations are deterrents for many small businesses. But with cryptocurrencies the narrative is changing more and more business is global have effortless and decentralize transaction.
Many countries have yet to formulate cryptocurrency laws, which are often confused by legislators. Governments are working on legislation to govern digital currencies, but due to the rapidly changing world, it will be some time before anything is set in stone. Not prohibiting it but looking for a way to control the technology.
Lotucrypto Ltd is a crypto currency firm. It provides the platform for crypto dealings and act as a guide to building your digital assets via the launch of the Lotucoin- a “merchant coin”, that is to say, it was designed not only to be a means of exchange like fiat and Bitcoin, but also as means to ease and promote merchants and their businesses. By adopting Lotucoin as a means of payment, a merchant gets the benefits of a seamless, secure and swift transaction on the blockchain, and also gets coupon and vouchers to offer to customers who pay using Lotucoin.
The following are some of the innovative solution LOTUCRYPTO offers:

Exclusive Platform: The gospel of crypto has spread globally and almost everyone buy the idea. As a result, many crypto exchange platforms abound. LOTUCRYPTO will serve as a platform for both crypto and fiat transaction. We hope to provide a “polyapp” that can fit various needs.

Escrow Agent: LOTUCRYPTO will provide buyers and sellers of commodities such as real estate, automobiles, etcetera an avenue to trade with conflict, ease and security. For example, a potential real estate buyer can make payment on the LOTUCRYPTO platform and the money will be escrowed until the seller provides necessary documentations. Upon verification of documents, the money and documents will be released to seller and buyer respectively.

Insecure Platform: The business ecosystem is now littered with many fraudulent platforms. LOTUCRYPTO however, is run by a team of credible person with track record of successful entrepreneurial dealings.
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